About Period.

We came together to create this safe space for us and to share our common and maybe not so common struggle.

Who we are.

Period. is a non-profit women*s network practising intersectional feminism and solidarity in Brussels.

We connect, educate and (self-)empower women*/non-male persons.

Period. is a grassroots movement that offers and gathers tools for and by every woman* to directly contribute to change in society.

What we do.

We organize workshops, seminars and festivals to educate each other. Our gatherings are open to everyone who self-defines as a woman, non-male or non-binary person.

Period. creates a unique safe space of woman*hood that is based on mutual respect and provides a refreshing alternative to male-dominated areas.

Further we have social events to deepen ties within our network and promote knowledge exchange on an informal basis. We also connect with other progressive NGOs in Brussels and in Europe.

We exist to help women* to allow themselves to deal better with the challenges they face in a society with deeply patriarchal, sexist, homophobic and racist roots. We develop tool kits and build up skills to defend oneself and each other against injustices.

Believing in self-empowerment based on feminist principles, we use the principle of skill sharing that follows the idea of helping and teaching each other. Women* who enter the network can learn a broad range of abilities and competencies: Participants of Period. workshops learn very specific practical and highly political skills.

What we want.

We support each other through this sense of community building and solidarity. We build up a collective spirit, elaborate strategies on how to deal with anti-feminism that we experience and deepen our knowledge and understanding of those collective struggles.

We create an important opportunity for engagement with a diverse group of women* from all over Europe, and from varying socio-economic backgrounds.

We believe in a feminist and progressive Europe and we want to play a part in shaping it together.

Want to be a volunteer?