Our Work.

Solidarity needs practice. Together we stand strong!


A feminist practice to us means sharing knowledge with other feminists. That’s what we do at our workshops. In a safe space we learn from another, work on our skills and enjoy a good time. We’ve had wonderful workshops on public speaking, twitter, consent and sex toys. Period. lives for and with you.

If you are a female/non-male feminist and you have a skill you’d like to share, we gladly assist you in the preparation and help you facilitate a workshop in a safe space!



We organize monthly after-work get-togethers. At our feminist Apéros we gather to discuss, keep each other in the loop about next projects and plot the end of patriarchy.



A day full of feminist workshops and discussions. Throughout Brussels we hop from one venue to another and educate ourselves in a safe space environment.
All four events have had different topics but the experience was always very energizing. Period. bootcamps are as amazing as they sound.


Feminist Parties.

Feminists sure know how to party. Yes, Period. also throws parties! It’s not our revolution if we can’t dance to it. Dancefloors on fire, sweaty happy people and the best music. Stay tuned for our next femtastic party!

All our upcoming and past events

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Period. “It’s Not That Grey” -Guide Launch

Time: 1st April 2019 from 18:30

Place: Tervurenlaan 58, 1040 Brussels

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Period. #12 Not Your Mother’s Safer Sex Workshop
6 June 2018

Period. #11 Intersectionality: the time is now
12 April 2018

Period. #10 Consent
11 March 2018

Period. #9 Toy Story – an introduction into the world of sex toys
9 February 2018

Period. #8 Time Management
15 November 2017

Period. #7 Wannabe Graphic Designer
10 October 2017

Period. #6 Polyamorous Relationships
23 September 2017

Period. #5 Feminists & Twitter
25 April 2017

Period. #4 Body Language & Public Speaking
7 March 2017

Period. #3: career coaching
11 June 2016

Period. #2: Improv Workshop against Everyday Sexism
21 April 2016

Period. Kick-off Workshop
16 March 2016

Period. Apero x Sorority: Michelle Obama “Becoming” 19 February 2019 Period. Apero: All about the Women*s strike 7 February 2019 Period. Apero 10 January 2019 Period. Apero 20 November 2018 Period. Apero 5 September 2018 Period. Apero Summer Edition 7 June 2018 Period. Apero March 22 March Period. Apero 21 February 2018 Period. New Year Apero 10 January 2018 Back to BXL – Period. After Work Apero 6 September 2017 Period. After Work Apero 11 May 2017 Period. After Work Beer 2 February 2017 Period. after work beer 19 May 2016

Period. Bootcamp
29 September 2018

Period. Bootcamp 3rd Edition
2 December 2017

Period. Bootcamp reloaded
24 June 2017

Period. Bootcamp
26 November 2016

Femtastic – Party #2 with Period. and Friends
21 April 2018

Femtastic – Party with Period. and Friends
17 November 2017

Period. Winterparty
10 December 2016

Period. Summerparty
8 July 2016