The Team.


Inge Chen

Inge works as a press officer and loves her work as an activist and organizer. There is rarely a moment where she is not busy organizing an event, a protest or Period. itself. —————————————————-


Laura Krenzke

Laura is a radical feminist and believes in the overtaking power of collective actions. You say protest? Laura will be there!





Carlotta Weber

Former Team Members

Milena Horn

Milena helps to tackle workplace harassment at the European Parliament. She believes that solidarity is the core value of feminism. She is interested in international trade, which is her field of expertise at work, as well as sustainability issues and performance theatre.


Katharina worked as a press officer in the European Parliament. She is  is dedicated to everything that relates to community-building.

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Sara Hassan

Sara  (they/them) is an interdisciplinary author, educator, and speaker. They were active as co-founder of the network between 2015 and 2019.  Currently a Fulbright researcher at NYU’s Experimental Humanities. Since 2019, they have been educating and consulting various organizations and communities on the issue of power abuse and sexual harassment through interactive training, workshops, and lectures.